Affluent Physicians

We know physicians. You have invested a significant amount of time, effort and money to achieve your professional and personal goals and to ensure that you and your family enjoy a comfortable, prosperous life. With that success and some financial security, you now have the burden of preserving your wealth, managing a return on your investment and striking a balance between your work life and personal life.  

Where will you find the time? Is your current broker or financial planner capable of advising you now and into the future? Are they independent fiduciaries you can trust? Are they technically knowledgable with a deep understanding of your evolving needs? Do they have detailed Comprehensive Wealth Management processes and a network of professionals? Will they save you time and money?  

You need and deserve a level of sophisticated, independent advisory services rarely seen today, delivered by a firm acting only in your best interest and held to the highest standard of care, the Fiduciary Standard. Let us help lessen the demands on your time and energy by managing your financial world.